Multiplied colors added

Imagine … !
that we live in the world that allows us to feel free, in place which is not limited by the enforced standards or dogma dictated so far. Shouldn’t we, as emotional beings, live in an emotionally more inspiring environment?

Imagine that our environment brings us closer to each other, instead of making distance between us.

Still we choose to ignore the potential of our imagination and continue to build emotionally bankrupt city environments with lifeless architecture and predictable rational blocks. There are no technological limits to the creation of fantastic architecture and cities.

Nevertheless, financial temptations and political anxieties seem to veto our choices. Financial profitability is given precedence to urban quality and denies a project’s potential to benefit the city. The result is a psychologically unhealthy living environment shaped by uninspiring architecture and monotone urban design. This slavery to finance eliminates possibilities for symbolism, dreams and fantasies and seems to be the cause as well as the result of our own unhealthy attitude.

Instead of focussing on finance, the design repertoire could once again focus on aspects of dreams, fantasies and symbolism. Its success can still be seen in the undying presence of architecture achieved thousands of years ago by passed civilisations.


Designing in association with architect Marta Bylica.